Get the best image quality from your CF- or SD- camera







Get the best image quality from your CF- or SD- camera



Most camera manufactures provides a camera software with a nice colorful GUI but with a poor image quality and a huge memory consumption.

With CECam you get a very lightweight application which gets a much higher image quality from your CF- or SD- camera with up to 1.3MP.
CECam is designed for Windows CE- Pocket- and Handheld PC’s. No additional drivers are required.




Supported Camera Models

HP Jornada 720 with Pretec Camera











Try CECam:



CE Cam v3.04 for Handheld- and Pocket PC’s (trial version)
PC Setup File (trial version, XScale & StrongARM) for Pocket- and Handheld PC’s
Size: 924.830 Bytes




In the trial version the save snapshot function is disabled











Buy CECam:


Price: $29 / €25


CE Cam v3.04 for Handheld- and Pocket PC’s (full version)
PC Setup File (full version, XScale & StrongARM) (full version, external link)




The full version includes a free upgrade to the upcoming versions.











Required hard- and software:



  • Windows CE Handheld PC (HPC) or Pocket PC (PPC2002/WM2003)
  • CPU’s: StrongARM or XScale
  • 10MB free RAM
  • Display size of 240x320, 640x240, 640x480, 800x480 or 800x600 pixels. 16Bit color depth.
  • OS: Windows CE 3.0, .NET 4.x, HPC 2000, PPC2002, WM2003, WM2003SE
  • Pretec compact camera (300k or 1.3M)
  • LifeView FlyCAM CF camera (300k or 1.3M)
  • LifeView FlyCAM SD camera (1.3M)











Tested Handheld PC devices:



  • Samsung NEXiO all models
  • Sigmarion III
  • Siemens SIMpad
  • T-Sinus pad
  • Höft & Wessel skeye.pad SL
  • DT- research- pads
  • HP- Jornada 720
  • Psion NetBook pro
  • Coxion WebBook
  • ...











Tested Pocket PC devices:



  • HP / Compaq iPAQ all models
  • iPAQ 3600
  • iPAQ 2215
  • Toshiba e800
  • Dell Axim x50v
  • Dell Axim x5
  • ...











Pros and cons of the FlyCAM and Pretec compact cameras:



FlyCAM pros:

  • More colorful and brighter images than the pretec
  • Exposure control
  • Optionally flashlight

Pretec compact camera pros:

  • Double capture speed of the FlyCAM
  • more compact and robust case


  • The FlyCAM captures the images in portrait mode, the Pretec in landscape. This can be rotated with CECam to the desired destination orientation.

Fazit: If you like beautiful colors, buy a FlyCAM. If you need a robust cam, buy a Pretec.











New in CECam v2.03: Improved image quality at high res. captures:





Downsized 1280x1024 sample capture from FlyCAM CF camera. Click for full res.


Old: Zoomed 1280x1024 FlyCAM snapshot taken from LifeView software (pixelated)

New: Zoomed FlyCAM snapshot taken from WinCESoft CECam software (more details)

Old: Bad contrast

New CECam v3.0: Realtime histogram function for optimized contrast and brightness









CECam- Screenshots (PocketPC- mode, Screensize 320x240)





Realtime Preview

Fullscreen Preview




Video Settings

Camera-/Program- Settings











CECam- Screenshots (HandheldPC- mode, Screensize 640x240):




Screenshot of the HP Jornada 7xx/NEC MobilePro 900 version (screensize 640x240):










CECam- Screenshots (HandheldPC- mode, Screensize 800x480-800x600):



Screenshot of the Sigmarion III / NeXiO S160 version (screensize 800x480)
Screenshot of the HPC/.NET webpanel version (screensize 800x600)











Some sample snapshots (taken from Pretec, 1.3MPixel model):



RC helicopter
optical mouse
Yamaha DX 7IID FM- synthesizer











CECam Reviews:



Review of the HPC- version at Todo Pocket PC (2004.01.10):
http://www.todopocketpc.com (in spanish)
http://www.todopocketpc.com (babelfish translated english)

Review of the PPC/WM2003- version at Todo Pocket PC (2004.01.10):
http://www.todopocketpc.com (in spanish)
http://www.todopocketpc.com (babelfish translated english)

Bo’s camera page incl. an review of the FlyCAM and CECam (2003.10.20):

PDA Buyer’s Guide NEXiO and a small CECam review (2003.10.17):

Review of the PPC/WM2003- version at Le Pocket PC (2004.09.08):
http://www.lepocketpc.com (in french)
http://www.lepocketpc.com (babelfish translated english)











Related Links:



Pretec- Website:

LifeView- Website:











CECam History:



CECam v3.04 for HPC’s and PPC’s (2004.12.06)

  • FlyCAM SD Bugfix: On some PPC models the driver DLL for FlyCam SD couldn't be loaded

CECam v3.03 for HPC’s and PPC’s (2004.11.08)

  • Brightness-, contrast- and saturation- controls added for FlyCam’s

CECam v3.02 for HPC’s and PPC’s (2004.10.24)

  • Preview and snapshot images can be rotated now independently. Useful for devices with CF slots on the left or right side.
  • Bugfix: Preview is now deactivated in autocapture mode.

CECam v3.01 for HPC’s and PPC’s (2004.09.11)

  • Support for SDIO- FlyCAM SD, 1.3M added
  • Windows Mobile 2003SE Hi Res (640x480) support added
  • Bugfix: Preview was showed when autocapture was activated
  • Bugfix: iPAQ h2210 and Pretec, preview screen was black after closing the setup dialog
  • Memory requirements reduced

CECam v3.00 for HPC’s and PPC’s (2004.08.02)

  • Windows Mobile 2003 support added (Portrait & Landscape)
  • Windows Mobile 2003SE Hi Res (640x480) support added
  • FlyCam 300k support added
  • Realtime Histogram Funktion for optimized contrast/brightness added (see samples below)
  • Screensize 240x320, 320x240, 640x480 support added
  • Fullscreen Realtime Preview added
  • New File Dialog Boxes with StorageCard support for PPC added
  • Snapshot Preview and audio can be disabled
  • One Setup file for all Platforms (PPC, WM2003, HPC, .NET 4.x, ARM720)
  • One CECam.exe for all supported Platforms

CECam v2.06 for HPC’s and PPC’s (2003.10.12)

  • Pocket PC Final version 2.06
  • Bugfix: Captures with flashlight now in low res available
  • Autocapture optimization
  • Some bugfixes

CECam v2.05 for HPC’s and PPC’s (2003.10.06)

  • Now Pocket PC version available, with improved hi res image quality (see images below)
  • Free definable hardware button for the trigger
  • Bugfix: The 270° rotation should be work now
  • Snapshot preview with save option

CECam v2.03 for HPC’s (2003.09.28)

  • Improved image quality at high resolution FlyCAM (1280x1024) snapshots.
    See pictures below.
  • The picture quality is now much higher as in the original FlyCAM PocketPC software package :)

CECam v2.02 for HPC’s (2003.09.22)

  • FlyCAM flashlight support (choosable range from 50cm - 3m)
  • Independently capture and preview picture resolutions for fast “realtime” preview
  • Improved image quality
  • Capture speed optimization
  • Nightshoot preview function
  • Auto exposure
  • Exposure lock function
  • Manual exposure time settings in 8 steps
  • Out of discspace warning
  • Bugfix in roted image capture (45*, 135°, 225°, 315°)
  • Bugfix loading the picture name prefix

CECam v2.01 for HPC’s (2003.09.15)

  • Configurable hardware exposure time. Now backlighting situations are no problem anymore (FlyCAM only)
  • Image filename prefix setup
  • Anti flicker banding filter for 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Indoor and outdoor settings (FlyCAM only)
  • Application should fit the NEXiO display correctly now
  • Moved the snapshot button to the left side in the NEXiO version
  • Some bugfixes

CECam v2.00ß for HPC’s (2003.09.09)

  • Supports now LifeView FlyCAM 1.3M and Pretec compact camera 300k and 1.3M
  • Capture rotation in 46° steps
  • JPEG compression rate adjustable
  • Image browser application can be configured
  • Now Windows CE 3.0, HPC2000 and Windows .NET CE 4.x compatible
  • Some bugfixes

CECam v1.02 for HPC’s (2003.07.07)

  • Image destination path dialog changed
  • Autocapture bugfix
  • Image browser button added