IrDA RemoteControl II
How To Create Macros


All functions of the new version v3.00 are described in the user manual: RemoteControl_II_v300.PDF


Assign the function "Call Macro" to a button and select an existing macro or the macro "_NONE_" from the list.
To edit the macro sequence, tap the "Edit" button.

RCII_Tut_Macro_1 RCII_Tut_Macro_2 RCII_Tut_Macro_3

If you have selected "_NONE_" you get an empty macro list.
To create a new macro list, tap the "New" button and enter a macro name:

RCII_Tut_Macro_4 RCII_Tut_Macro_5

Select the function for the first macro step:

RCII_Tut_Macro_6 RCII_Tut_Macro_7 RCII_Tut_Macro_8

Add a new macro- step with the "Add"- button:

RCII_Tut_Macro_9 RCII_Tut_Macro_10

If your macro list is complete, leave the macro editor with "Exit".
Now the new created macro ist is ready for use and can assigned to any button or device key.

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