RemoteControl II
Versions History







Versions History of RemoteControl II:



v3.01 (2010.11.24):

  • Support for the next generation operating systems Windows CE 6.0 and Embedded Compact 7 added.
    Supports now devices with:
      - Windows CE 3.0
      - Handheld PC 2000 (Based on Windows CE 3.0)
      - PocketPC 2002 (Based on Windows CE 3.0)
      - Windows CE .NET 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2
      - Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE (Based on Windows CE .NET 4.2x)
      - Windows CE 5.0
      - Windows Mobile 5.0 – 6.5 (Based on Windows CE 5.x)
      - Windows CE 6.0
      - Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • Enhanced webserver compatibility.
    Also the webserver of the Ethersex microcontroller project is now supported.
  • Import of CCF RC5 codes with missing carrier frequency is now supported.
  • Enhanced audio configuration.
  • Some bugfixes


  • RC-II is now available in three versions:
    RemoteContol II NET:
    For controlling network devices by a WLAN, Bluetooth or USB connection.
    RemoteContol II IR:
    For controlling devices directly by an infrared signal from the IR / IrDA port of your device or a CF IR adapter.
    RemoteContol II PRO:
    This version combines all features of RemoteControl II NET and RemoteControl IR.
  • Wireless network support added.
    Network devices like Media PC's, Set Top boxes and switches can now controlled via
    WLAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth or USB connections.
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 support added.
  • Full screen release and restore problem fixed.
    If a external application is called while RC II is in full screen mode, the called application
    was only partially visible.
    At external phone calls the phone application is now visible.
  • A start panel page can be defined in the project editor.
  • Auto Display Off function added.
    Powers the device partially down without loosing the wireless network connection.
  • CF IR extender cards are working again.
  • Support of device hard buttons F1- F24.
  • Enhanced device button handling.
    The alternative program launch functions of the Pocket PC- application- buttons are now
    disabled if they are used from RemoteControl II.
  • 5000er CCF IR codes are now supported.
  • Project fonts are now included in a project archive
  • Hardware buttons will change their function assignment with a new selected panel.
  • TI-OMAP: Bluetooth and IR work now cooperatively at the same time.
  • Configurable keyboard repeat, keyboard and touch click settings.
  • Many bug fixes.


  • Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine's Board of Experts chose RemoteControl II, v2.12, out of 936 entries, as a finalist in their 2008 Best Software Awards. The awards are intended to help users choose the best Windows Mobile software, while at the same time "honoring companies that produce outstanding software."


  • RemoteControl II has been nominated for a 2008 Best Software Award in the "TV & Stereo Remote" category by the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine staff and its Board of Experts!
    Nominee_PPC_2008_160x137 awards_page_header_2008_354x137


  • PocketLOOX N520 / N560 battery warning message problem fixed.
  • Enhanced signal accuracy for devices with Intel XScale- CPU.
  • PNG bitmaps with alpha layer are now loaded correctly.


  • New button function "Hide RC II": Minimizes the RemoteControl II- application window.
  • New button function "Close RC II": Quits RemoteControl II application.
  • Improved startup speed.


  • Button function controls are now refreshed when another function was selected.
  • Quick- learned IR codes are now stored seperated in IRCodes\Quick Learned\Unknown Brands\PageName.IR
  • Support for TI- OMAP 750 CPU's


  • Complete rewrite of all bitmap- import functions (BMP, JPG, GIF).
  • Support of the PNG (Portable Network Graphics)- bitmap format added.
  • Optimized memory management (50% less memory required, useful for large projects (>20pages) with hi- res- VGA- backround bitmaps)
    For some projects of RC II- user see here: RemoteControl II projects
  • Support for devices with quadratic (240x240)- display.
  • 240x240- default skin added.
  • New button- layout- selector (starting the layout editor for changing the layout of a button is not required anymore).
  • Panel menu combobox fits now also in landscape mode.
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Some small bugfixes.


  • Enhanced signal accuracy for devices with TI- OMAP CPU.
  • Support for devices with raw- IrDA on port COM0.
  • Adjustable time format added.
  • Some other bugfixes.


  • Bugfix: All sample projects should be importable also in the trial version of RC II.
  • Import function supports now also projects with umlauts in the file- and pathnames.
  • Also partially loaded panels are now visible.
  • Bugfix: Error message if the number of valid objects or panels is exceeded in the trial version.
  • Sample projects cleaned and redundant bitmaps removed.


  • Bugfix: "First Startup"- problem on some WM 5 devices after installation solved.


  • Support for devices with TI OMAP850 CPU added.
    Tested OMAP850 devices:
    -HTC Prophet
    -Qtek S200
    -Dopod 818pro
    -XDA Neo
    -SPV M600
    -I-mate Jamin
    -VPA Compact S
    -HTC Wizard
    -Qtek 9100
    -MDA Vario
    -XDA mini S
    -SPV M3000
    -imate K-Jam
    -T-Mobile MDA Vario
    -Dopod 838
    -VPA Compact II
    -Cingular 8125
    -and other
  • Bugfix: IR- transmit buttons shouldn't freeze anymore if a not supported CPU was detected.
  • Quick Help for Layout editor added.
  • Time delay between IR teach requests added (prevents problems if you learn IR- toggle codes).


  • Panel editor bugfixes:
    The position of a selected element was accidentally set to the position of the previous selected element.
    Panel editor bugfix: The last selected element was not automatically deselected after copy & paste.


  • Support for devices with Samsung CPU (S3C2410, S3C2440) added. Tested on Acer N30, Acer N35, HP iPAQ rx3715.
    RC II supports now devices with Intel StrongARM (SA1100, SA1110), Intel XScale (PXA250, PXA255, PXA260, PXA270, PXA272) and Samsung (S3C2410, S3C2440) CPU's.
  • Quick help function added.
  • IR- Signal accuracy for Intel PXA25x and PXA27x CPU based devices enhanced.


  • IR signal optimizations for Intel PXA270 systems. Please re teach your IR codes again if you have any problems.
  • Support for Pronto CCF 5000, 5001, 6000 and 6001 codes.
  • Improved accuracy for imported Pronto codes.
  • The transparent button skin package from the skins page can now be imported without any error message.
  • Bugfix: Error message "Screen rotation is not supported by this device".


  • IR support for MDA II, XDA II, VPA, Qtek 2020, HTC Himalaya and similar devices added.
  • Support for 320x240 and 640x480 landscape mode (90° & 270° display rotation) added:
  • Support for transparent bitmap- buttons added:
  • Huge speed improvements for large background bitmaps.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • The keyboard and start menu is now accessable in the IR database editor.
  • The background of text labels are now transparent.
  • Enhanced settings dialogs added.
  • Editor: Bitmap preview added.
  • Editor: Floating edit- windows added.
  • Editor: Copy & paste bugfix.
  • New button funktion: "Show panels list" for creating a popup menue with all available panels:
  • Project import and export function (imports/exports all project files from/into a ZIP archive) added.
  • New Context menu option to switch between panels in edit mode.
  • Comport description in IR Port selection added.
  • The Z- position (depth) of text- labels is now adjustable.
  • RC II doesn't freeze anymore on non StrongARM or XScale devices.
  • Bugfix: The assign- button in the "Assign Device Keys"- dialog doesn't work on HPC's.
  • Bugfix: IR- Codes with a very short sequence length (<5) wasn't sent.
  • Bugfix: Switching between VGA high- and low- resolution mode works always now.
  • Windows Mobile 5 Bugfix: "IrDA- port COMx: doesn't exist or is in use!"- error fixed.
  • Windows Mobile 5 Bugfix: "Screen rotation is not supported by this device"- error fixed.
  • Tons of other bugfixes.


  • Setup- Error- Message: "The program you have installed may not display properly because it was designed for a previous version of Windows Mobile software." fixed
  • Unified Handheld- and PocketPC- setup files. One setup file for all OS- variants.


  • Bugfix: Activation of the hi- res. VGA mode doesn't work on devices with specific language- ID’s


  • Bugfix: If RC II was installed on the internal flash storage, on some devices (iPAQ hx4700 and Dell x50v) the error messages "IrDA port COMx in use" and "Can't delete..." appears after deactivating the hi-res.- mode.


  • Support for hi- res. PocketPC's (VGA) added. Tools like SE VGA are not required anymore.
    RCII_115_LoRes RCII_115_HiRes
    Same panel in low- res, and hi- res- (480x640/VGA) mode.

    You can find some VGA skins on the skins page.

    To change into hi res mode use the new hi- res checkbox in the settings dialog.
  • Display rotation for devices with IR tranceivers at the bottom (e.g. iPAQ hx4700) added.
    Turned round iPAQ hx4700 with activated 180° display rotate option.
  • CF- IR- Extender support for Windows CE .NET4.2 SIMpads added.


  • CF- IR- extender card support for Dell AXIM x5 with "old" Windows CE 3.0.
  • Up to 32 commands per macro.
  • Automatic restore of needed RCII files (RCII_Help.exe and some help files).
  • Fullscreen startup option added.
  • Optimized detection of high frequency IR carriers > 460kHz (BANG & OLUFSEN).
  • Increased transmit range of the WebDT 375 IR- extender.
  • Bugfix: In Fullscreen mode, applications mapped to the device hardware keys do not launch properly.
  • Bugfix: Scrollbars disappears in fullscreen edit mode.
  • Bugfix: Error Message "Unknown File Version xx, Please use a newer version of RCII.".
  • Bugfix: Soft- keyboard is now automatically activated in IR database.


  • Fullscreen startup option added.
  • Optimized detection of high frequency IR carriers > 460kHz (BANG & OLUFSEN).
  • Increased transmit range of the WebDT 375 IR- extender.
  • Bugfix: In Fullscreen mode, applications mapped to the device hardware keys do not launch properly.
  • Bugfix: Scrollbars disappears in fullscreen edit mode.
  • Bugfix: Error Message "Unknown File Version xx, Please use a newer version of RCII.".
  • Bugfix: Soft- keyboard is now automatically activated in IR database.


  • Support of the PocketLoox 710/720 CIR- port for a extended transmit range.
  • Call of external applications (e.g. internet explorer with EPG website).
  • IR- CF- extender card support for Dell AXIM X5.
  • Bugfix: Device key assign .
  • Bugfix: Handheld- PC- version: Taskbar- show/hide- desktop- button works correct again.
  • Bugfix: Auto- suspend is disabled when RC II is in the background.


  • HPC- Version Bugfix: IR Database wasn't accessible.


  • IR- CF- Extender bugfix: Time between card power on and first IR pulses was to short.
  • IR- CF- Extender bugfix: SIMpad IR monitor LED was always off.
  • Pocket PC: Fonts deinstallation problem fixed.
  • New added object is now selected after an copy/paste operation.
  • In all dialogs the soft input panel is now automatically activated.
  • RC II can now be installed on external storage cards.


  • Pocket PC 2002 support added.
  • WM 2003SE VGA support added.
  • Support for WM 2003SE portrait and landscape display orientation added.
  • Pocket PC- fullscreen support added.
  • Panels with a size of up to 800x600 pixels can be edited also on Pocket PC's.
  • Support for Pocket PC hot- buttons added.
  • Bitmap file format support for JPG and GIF added.
  • Auto- power- off function added.
  • IR- CF- extender card support for "DTResearch WebDT375", "Sumo ST375", "Escient EWP-1000" and "IBD Future.pad-CE" added.
  • SIMpad: CF- IR- Extender card is now powered down after every IR- transmission.
  • Improved panel editor speed.
  • Some editor- bugfixes.
  • Graphical preview of the selected button- layout.
  • Improved IR. learn accuracy with PXA270 CPU's.
  • IR- Quick learn function for buttons and device keys added.
  • Editor context menus added.
  • Copy & paste function added.
  • New panels can be derived from existent panels.
  • Some bugfixes...


  • Support of CF- IR- extender cards (Laser- / Electric Dog- PDA-IR-Extender & UltraMote CF- Extender) added.
  • Free configurable battery and memory gauge views added
  • Objects can be moved in edit mode with hardware cursor keys.
  • Support for bSquare Maui.
  • Range of adjustable transmit priority increased to +/- 100.
  • IR- Learn routine optimized: No dropouts should appear anymore.
  • Bugfix: New defined layouts doesn't appear in the "add element" dialog.
  • Bugfix: Filenames in panel project editor was limited to 32 characters.
  • Bugfix: Panels doesn't appear if one panel could not be loaded.


  • Intel XScale (PXA263, PXA260, PXA255, PXA250) support added.
  • Screensize support for 640x480 & 800x480 displays added.
  • Adjustable transmit process priority added.
  • Bugfix: New included IR functions in the panel editor wasn't loaded immediately.


  • Support for display size of 640x240 (HP Jornada 720) added.
  • Device keys auto repeat and click disabled.
  • Some small bugfixes.


  • Endless loop in IR code transmit function fixed.


  • Philips Pronto- CCF- IR- hex- code import/export added.
  • Free programmable device buttons added.
  • More pause timing steps in macro editor added.
  • Bugfix: Button properties dialog was hidden if you tab on the background in macro edit mode.
  • Reduced memory requirements (from 10MB to 7MB free RAM)


  • Bugfix: IR code file format: Some IR codes was not saved correctly.
  • Faster button recognition. Now you can type much faster.
  • Slightly optimized IR record function.
  • More IR- code types are recognized now.


  • Support of "old" non burst IR codes.
  • Bugfix: Registry access (call of RegCloseKey() with correct handle).
  • Bugfix: Save of button functions "TIME" and "MENU" could cause failed load of the panel file.


  • Bugfix: SIMpad- .NET4.0- reset- suspend- freeze- problem solved.
  • Bugfix: Teach in function- repeat loop detection.


  • Increased IR- transmit range (50%-80%)
  • Optimized IR record function
  • TV/VCR channel panel added
  • Bugfix: Some very long pause sequences was saved to short.


  • The macro editor is now functional
  • Online help integrated
  • Support of up to 256 different bitmap objects instead of 64
  • Support of up to 256 different button layouts instaed of 64
  • Support of up to 128 different fonts instead of 64
  • Improved IR code- loop timing. Now time critcal devices should work also
  • Automatically reload of the project to activate changes in the IR- database
  • Support for SIMpad with Windows CE .NET 4.0 image. No suspend- hang anymore
  • Bugfix: re-initialisation of an bitmap button oject if loading fails
  • Bugfix: 8/16bit IRCode fileformat
  • Bugfix: new button layout can be selected even if no previous layout was existent

v1.00ß (2004.02.23):

  • First public BETA release of RemoteControl II with graphical layout editor, IR database and IR code learn functionality.

v0.01ß (2000.09.30):

  • First working predecessor (RemoteControl I) with static interface.
    Support for Windows CE 3.0 devices with Intel Strong ARM SA1110 CPU.