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RemoteControl II- Reviews: WinCESoft’s Remote Control II, v1.15, review by Troy Lanphier RemoteControl II, v1.17, review by Neil Brown WinCESoft RemoteControl II 1.18, review by Nick Latito
Chris Tilley, Editor-in-Chief of
"RemoteControl II has been awarded our highest review rating, and is the first application reviewed on HPC:Factor to receive a perfect 5 in all score categories."


CECam- Reviews:

Review of the HPC- version at Todo Pocket PC (2004.01.10): (in spanish) (babelfish translated english)

Review of the PPC/WM2003- version at Todo Pocket PC (2004.01.10): (in spanish) (babelfish translate
d english)

Bo’s camera page incl. an review of the FlyCAM and CECam (2003.10.20):

PDA Buyer’s Guide NEXiO and a small CECam review (2003.10.17):

Review of the PPC/WM2003- version at Le Pocket PC (2004.09.08): (in french) (babelfish tr
anslated english)


HPC- Software Lists:

Simon Mullenger’s Windows CE .NET 4.2 Pro Plus adaption for the SIMpad:

HPC- Software and Hardware Diskussions and Reviews:

todo pocketpc zona Handheld PC (babelfish translation)
todo pocketpc zona Handheld PC (native in spain)

HPC/PPC- Discussion Boards: (most of all in german) (most of all in german)

Windows CE- Newsgroups:

Microsoft WindowsCE- Downloads:

Windows CE Programming:


Some of the “GAPI for HPC’s” and RC II supported device manufacturers:

Sigmarion III:

NEXiO S151,NEXiO S155,NEXiO S160:

HP Jornada 710,720,728:

H&W skeye.pad:

Samwell Webpad:


WebDT 375:

Sumo ST370:

NEC MobilePro 900:

Coxion Webbook:

Psion Teklogix NetBook Pro:

Futurecom NETA 980: