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What’s new 2007 ?


  • GAPI for HPC’s, v4.00
    -PocketPC- buttons can be assigned to HPC- buttons (PocketPC button emulator)
    -GAPI graphics and touchscreen coordinates can be now rotated independently from the desktop.
     With this, 240x320- PocketPC potrait- display applications can be used on devices with 320x240 landscape display.
    -GAPI graphics and touchscreen 2x- scale functions added.
    -GAPI emulator for unsupported devices added.
    -Two new GapiDraw test applications added.
    -Context sensitive help added.
    -Bugfix: Hidden or minimized taskbars are restored also after a GAPI application crash.
    -Support for 95 new devices incl. Gizmondo added.
  • Website:
    -Some outdated links corrected
    -GAPI pages updated


  • RemoteControl II, v2.12,
    -PocketLOOX N520 / N560 battery warning message problem fixed.
    -Enhanced signal accuracy for devices with Intel XScale- CPU.
    -PNG bitmaps with alpha layer are now loaded correctly.
  • GAPI for HPC’s, v3.10,
    -Support for 17 new devices added.


  • RemoteControl II, v2.11,
    -Optimized IR- quick learn function.
    -New button functions (close and hide application).
    -Improved startup speed.


  • RemoteControl II, v2.09
    -Complete rewrite of all bitmap- import functions (BMP, JPG, GIF).
    -Support of the PNG (Portable Network Graphics)- bitmap format added.
    -Optimized memory management (50% less memory required. Useful for large projects (>30- panel- pages) with hi- res- VGA- backround bitmaps)
    -Support for devices with quadratic (240x240)- display added.
    -240x240- default skin added.
    -New button- layout- selector.
  • Hi- res 640x480- VGA- project added: RemoteControl II- user projects



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