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What’s new 2008 ?



  • RemoteControl II, v2.12, has been nominated for a 2008 Best Software Award in the "TV & Stereo Remote" category by the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine staff and its Board of Experts!



  • GAPI for HPC’s, v4.01
    -Small (100kbytes) installation package without GAPI test applications added.
    -Color format is now reported correctly in 32bit mode (TCPMP and Core player now works also on devices with 32/24bit color displays).
    -New "fit to screen"- option for emulator mode.
    -Nyditot entries from device list removed.
    -GX_HPX.ini “save settings”- bug removed.
    -Taskbar button of GAPISetup.exe is now visible.
    -GAPISetup.exe bugfix: Keyboard mapping was activated by default.
    -Touch- scale X/Y- problem for isotope 244 games fixed.
    -File size of GX.DLL reduced from 317kbytes to 195kbytes.
    -Support for 70 new devices added

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