Mediaplayer for Handheld and PocketPC’s



The Pocket DivX Player is a FREE Open Source multifunction video and audio player for the PocketPC platform that can play DivX, OpenDivX, MPEG-4, MPEG-1 videos and MP3 audio.

This version is a special HPC and Windows CE .NET adaption for webpads with a screen size of 800x600 pixels from Marc E. Dukettes Pocket MVPplayer:

The skin is an modified version of PPC skin from Marcelo A. García González.
EMail: mgarcia@al-con.net

Thank’s to Marcelo for his permission to use his work.

Pocket MVP Player Features List

  • 10-Band Equalizer with Pre-Amp
  • PlayList Support
  • PlayList Editor
  • Web Streaming
  • Brightness Control (ARM devices only)
  • File Association Support
  • Hardware Button Mapping
  • Shuffle Play
  • 90 degree Rotate
  • 2:1 zoom
  • Bi-linear filtering for zoom mode
  • Dithering (ARM devices only)
  • Fast Forward
  • Seek Bar
  • Volume Control
  • Custom File Open Dialog
  • Custom Web View Streaming File Selection Dialog
  • Keep Alive for device shutoff suspension
  • Play At File Open option
  • Definable Caching for performance/power utilization

Supported Audio/Video Formats

  • Video: Divx, OpenDivX, Avi, MPEG-1
  • Audio: MP3 and Layer I + II Audio w/ MAD MP3 decoder, OGG Vorbis


Pocket MVP for HPC’s, v0.8.120103 (640x240 ... 800x600)


PC- Setup- File   (WinCE 3.00/HPC2000, .NET 4.x StrongARM & XScale)

1.036.460 Bytes

Pocket MVP for Sigmarion III, v0.8.120103 (800x480)


PC- Setup- File   (WinCE 4.10, XScale)

1.036.460 Bytes

Pocket MVP for Windows Mobile 2003, v0.8.072703 (240x320)


PC- Setup- File   (StrongARM & XScale), this is not PPC2002 compatible!!!

862.666 Bytes

If you use one of the HPC- versions, GAPI for HPC’s is required: GAPI for HPC’s

Please remove the old version before installing the new one

Screenshot WM 2003 version:


Video Mode (240x320)

MP3 Mode (240x320)

Screenshots HPC2000/.NET4.x version (640x240 display)

Video Mode (640x240)

MP3 Mode (640x240)

Video Mode (800x480)

Screenshot 800x600 version:
Pocket DivX- Player for HPC’s (Screenshot 800x600)

Some DivX encoded movies:


v0.8.120103 Changes from v0.8.120103 (Still the same version)

  • 640x480 skin added
  • GAPI for HPC package removed. You can download this required package from: GAPI for HPC’s

v0.8.120103 Changes from v0.8.112203 (WinCESoft release)

  • Play- and audiothread synchronisation enhanced (now works also on NEC MobilePro 900)
  • Bugfix: File open dialog doesn’t pop up sometimes
  • PocketMVP can now start multiple times with "double click" on an mediafile in the file explorer
  • Filelist- and file open dialog- columns matches the HPC screen now
  • File open dialog fits now the screen
  • Playlist editor bugfix
  • Audio bugfix: Wavedevice was sometimes already opened with the wrong audio parameters
  • Some keyboard shortcuts added
  • 240x320 HPC skin added
  • Some other bugfixes

v0.8.112203 Changes from v0.8.111603 (internal WinCESoft release)

  • Info view in 640x240 and 800x600 versions added
  • Audio Bugfixes (No more “Audio Error” messages if the wavedev is already open)
  • VideoInfo pointer overwritte bug removed
  • Some more detailed error messages added
  • Menue is now usable after a “audio/video- format is not supported” error

v0.8.111603 Change Log from v0.8.1000203 (WinCESoft release)

  • DivX video framesize up to 1024x512 pixels. Before max. 512x480
  • Support for 48kHz audiostreams
  • Taskbar is hidden automatically
  • File- and playlist- bugfix
  • File- and playlist uses the complete screen now
  • Automatic HPC- skin detection for 800x600, 800x480, 640x240 and 240x320 displays
  • One install package for all HPC screen resolutions
  • 10% speed improvement with 16bit graphic controllers (e.g. EPSON) in 2x zoomed mode
  • 100% speed improvement with 32bit graphics controllers (e.g. MQ200, SIMpad) in 2x zoom
  • Some audio bugfixes
  • Support for HP Jornada 7xx and NEC MbilePro 900 (needs GAPI for HPC’s)

v0.8.1000203 Change Log from v0.8.092303 (Marc Dukette release)

  • Fix for HPC and E100 builds
  • Fix last File Position checkbox
  • Some minor streaming bugs
  • Modified reader API for mor efficient re-use and memory utilization
  • Updated WMA reader for new API(must download latest version.
  • Round one of code changes for SmartPhone port. If compiled all wokrs except AVI.(No binaries yet)

v0.8.092303 Change Log from v0.8.090603 (Marc Dukette release)

  • Improved Icecast2 Support with media info updates
  • New Tabbed config screen
  • Moved file association to new config screen. Now supports full reversable file associations
  • Added support for OK button on config and equalizer screens
  • Added support for new WMA decoder pack(seperate download)
  • Fixes for several threading bugs.

v0.8.090603 Change Log from v0.8.082503 (Marc Dukette release)

  • Added ability to Shuffle/unshuffle
  • Remember/Restore Volume
  • Add Icecast(1+2)/Shoutcast support
  • Remember Playlist and File
  • Handle existing hardware buttons by clearing previous one
  • Toggle screen on when reminder comes up.
  • Fixed issue with "Stop" locking up the player if pressed repeatedly
  • Added .pls .m3u .py playlist support.
  • Initial Tabbed config screen(Gonna completely redo these next)
  • Fixed http streaming for WM2003
  • Removed most of the Messageboxs from http streaming
  • Added timeout on http connections and reads

.8.072703 Change Log from .8.042003 (WinCESoft release)

  • The WinCE .NET versions are now .NET 4.1 compatible (before only 4.2, sorry)
  • All dialogs are now centered on the display
  • Help updated
  • iPAQ 39xx is now supported

.8.072003 Change Log from .8.0419403 (WinCESoft release)

  • Stop button while playing MPEG3 files is now functional
  • Windows Mobile 2003 support (without ATI optimization)

   Know Bugs:

  • iPAQ 39xx models are currently not supported

.8.071903 Change Log from .8.041403 (WinCESoft release)

  • Background skin (PMVP.jpg) with wrong JPG format (progressive) exchanged.
    PocketMVP should startup now five times faster
  • 800x480 skin configuration file updated. The infoview is visible now.
  • Missing MPEG1codec MPEGReader.dll added.

.8.071403 Change Log from .8.041303 (WinCESoft release)

  • PocketMVP is now WinCE .NET 4.1/4.2 compatible:
     - Stop, seek, fastforward, jump and auto repeat crashes are resolved
     - Audio bug resolved
  • 30% speed enhanced non dithered 2x zoom mode

.8.041303 Change Log from .8.040603 (Marc Dukette release)

  • Added Fade-IN for audio after Seeking
  • Improved Pausing performance
  • Improved Seek times for AVI files
  • Fixed issue with Repeat and Playlists
  • Fixed issue with Play At File Open and Playlists
  • General bug cleanup.
  • Added code to detect E750/755 as well as E740 when installing ATI optimizations

   Known Bugs:

  • There is still a stop and fastforward- button bug under WinCE 4.1 which will freeze your device
  • Under WinCE 4.1 the PocketMVP will hang when the end of the video is reached

.8.040603 Change Log from .8R (Marc Dukette release)

  • Fixed some lockup issues when pausing
  • Improved load times for AVI files
  • Improved Seek times for AVI files
  • Fixed issue with keep alive and frontlight on E740
  • Fixed issue Lockups during Next/Prev buttons for playlists
  • Implimented "Jumpt To:" feature to go to any time in a clip
  • Implimented "Last File/Pos" feature to remember last file and position when player is closed
  • Some general source code cleanup, rmoving redundant Read Thread in player

Why watching only videos on your Windows CE device ?
Use it to take your own snapshots with a Pretec CF camera up to 1.3MPixels and CECam for HPC’s and PocketPC’s:

Find out more: CECam