Quake for HPC’s
Quake for Handhled PC’s



Quake for HPC’s is an adaption from Dan East’s PocketQuake.
This adaption is based on the GAPI for HPC’s package to allow all supported Handheld PC’s to use high speed display graphics.

Required hard- and software:

  • Windows CE Handheld PC (HPC)
  • CPU’s: StrongARM or XScale
  • 18MB free RAM, 9 - 19MB free filesystem memory (CF card)
  • Display size of 640x240, 800x480 or 800x600 pixels. 16Bit color depth.
  • OS: Windows CE 3.0, HPC 2000, Windows CE .NET 4.x
  • Compact flash or MMC card is recommended to store the huge game datas

Supported Handheld PC- devices (depends on GAPI for HPC’s):

  • Sigmarion III (Windows CE .NET 4.1)
  • NEXiO S151 (Windows CE 3.0)
  • NEXiO S155 (Windows CE .NET 4.1)
  • NEXiO S160 (Windows CE .NET 4.1)
  • NEXiO S165 (Windows CE .NET 4.1)
  • HP Jornada 710, 720, 728, european and US models (HPC2000)
  • Siemens SIMpad (WinCE 3.0, HPC2000, WinCE4.0 and WinCE 4.1)
  • T- SinusPad (Windows CE 3.0)
  • H&W skeye.pad (WinCE 3.0, HPC2000, WinCE4.0/4.1/4.2)
  • Samwell Webpad (Windows CE .NET 4.1)
  • EzPad (Windows CE .NET 4.1)
  • WebDT 370
  • Sumo ST370


Quake for HPC’s 0.07 (2003.10.19)

Screenshot (640x240 display)::


Quake for Handheld PC’s, v0.07, min. required display size: 640x240 pixels


PC- Setup- File   (StrongARM & XScale), this is not PocketPC compatible

752.971 Bytes

Quake for Sigmarion III, v0.07


PC- Setup- File   (StrongARM & XScale), this is not PocketPC compatible

752.995 Bytes

You need also the GAPI package and the game data from your Quake CD. Alternatively you can use the shareware Quake Game Data (pak0.pak.zip, 8.13MB) from Pocketmatrix: http://quake.pocketmatrix.com/download.php

or download and install the DOS version of Quake 1 from ID- Softs website:
and use the included file “pak0.pak” (18MB).

The Quake for HPC’s package must be installed in the directory “\Quake\” of your RAM filesystem or in the directory “\Storage Card\Quake\” of your CF card. If you chose another directory name, Quake will not find the game data!
Copy the game data file “pak0.pak.gz” or “pak0.pak” into your installed Quake directory “Quake\ID1\” on your flashcard or RAMdisk of your Handheld PC.
Hint: Unpack the 8MB “pak0.pak.gz” file to the 18MB “pak0.pak” file and the loading time will be reduced to a minimum of 4 - 8 seconds.

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